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Arizona mobile notary FAQ's

What is a mobile notary? 

An Arizona mobile notary performs all the functions of a traditional notary but are able to travel to a home, office or public location.

How do I find a mobile notary closest to me?

Click on the contact page of this mobile notary website.


What services do mobile notaries provide?

Real estate documents including mortgage loan documents for both buyers and sellers, attorney documents including marriage, divorce, legal documents, power of attorney, travel consent for minors, hospital directives, legal wills and trusts, auto & more.

How much is it to have something notarized?

The costs for a mobile notary in Arizona depends on the number of pages and required notarization. 

Arizona Mobile Notary Services- Is there one near me?

Most likely yes. If you need help click on the contact page.

www.aznotaryservices.com – what do they do?

As the premier mobile notary public in Scottsdale, Phoenix and surrounding areas, we will help you find one!


Who is AZ Mobile Notary affiliated with?

123 Notary, Nationwide Signing Services and about 100 other companies that use Arizona mobile notary services.

Are you a licensed, bonded and insured mobile notary?

www.AZNotaryServices.com is a licensed mobile notary as well as insured and bonded.  We are also a part of the National Notary Association and State of Arizona.

How to I get in touch with a mobile notary?

Call us direct at 480-516-2730 or fill out the form

Do you notarize wills and living trusts?

Yes we will notarize Living Wills and Trusts

Do you notarize medical documents?

Yes we notarize ALL medical Documents

Do you notarize Immigration and I9 forms?

Yes we will notarize these as well.

What is the best mobile notary companies in Arizona?

Obviously there are many notary companies in Arizona but we are the best.  We have 20 years of Real Estate experience and understand the mortgage loan documents.  We have done just about every other type of notarization as well.

Is mobile notary legal in Arizona?

Yes mobile notary services are legal in Arizona.

What is Mobile Notary Signing Agent?

A Mortgage Notary Signing Agent is a Notary Public who specializes in the process of obtaining and notarizing the signatures of the party(ies) involved on real estate loan documents for the purpose of closing a real estate loan transaction. Lenders who offer correspondent loans across the country rely heavily on competent Mortgage Notary Signing Agents to complete the signing and notarizing portions of the real estate loan transaction in a professional, reliable and accurate manner.

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